Plastic cards

Since years MEDIEN SERVICE has been specialising in matters concerning implementation and operation of various systems that use plastic cards – from simple loyalty cards to e-signature encryption cards. It especially deals with:

consulting services, market analysis, trainings

  • card market in Poland,
  • creation of card systems for loyalty cards, city cards, health service cards, e-signature cards etc.,
  • production of magnetic and/or chip cards, both certified and not,
  • personalisation of cards and additional services (e.g. PIN envelopes, mailing),
  • devices  for production and/or personalisation of plastic cards,
  • security of card products and applications,
  • matching partners for joint enterprises.

I offer also:

sale of cards of various types and purposes (e.g. payment cards, certified VISA and MC cards, loyalty cards, scratch cards, identity cards, paper cards, magnetic cards, microprocessor cards, e-signature cards, advertisement cards etc.) and of security prints (PIN envelopes, confidential payrolls etc.). Thanks to contacts with many Polish and foreign producers of cards, hardware and software I can effectively satisfy the customers’ needs.

For years MEDIEN SERVICE has been organising its won international KARTA Conference (called Central European Electronic Card Warsaw since 2008 (see: ) and series of conferences „Polish Cards and Systems” (see: and an active member of Banking Technology Forum of the Polish Banking Association.