MEDIEN SERVICE Sławomir Cieśliński (founded 1994) was entered on 5th May 2006 to the register of professional lobbers kept by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (position 00044). Thus MEDIEN SERVICE obtained the right to conduct lobbying activity according to the Act of 7th July 2005 on lobbing activity in law creation process (Journal of Law no. 169, item 1414 as of 06.09.2005).

The areas of my special interest and operation as a lobber include the electronic commerce in the wide sense, electronic administration, electronic Register of Medical Services, electronic payment systems (especially in the field of non-cash turnover), e-signature and mass media.

I conduct my lobbying activity in form of and during open events that I organize, e.g.  International Conference Central European Electronic Card  Warsaw  (www.conkarta.pl), the conference series „Polish Cards and Systems” (www.polskiekarty.info.pl)  or other closed seminars and special events, as well as in form of other tasks specified by the contract parties.