MEDIEN SERVICE is a one-person business consulting company of Sławomir Cieśliński that specialises in electronic commerce, especially in identification and transaction systems. Its main areas and fields of interest are:

  • plastic cards and multifunctional card solutions,
  • organisation of card conferences, trainings and specialist events,
  • lobbying for e-commerce and e-administration,
  • PR and marketing of the e-commerce, especially concerning transaction systems and non-cash turnover,
  • education and popularisation of the knowledge of the modern electronic commerce.

The company was founded in autumn 1992 and takes its roots from one-person office that represented the printing branch (Mohndruck) of Bertelsmann, a German media giant, in Poland.  Later on Sławomir Cieśliński took an active part in creating Polish market of plastic cards (e.g. as the first head of ELKART Systemy Kart Elektronicznych Sp. z o.o.) and still pursues mainly this line of interest. He also often uses and applies the knowledge base, experiences and contacts gathered during years of working as a journalist, publisher, ministry spokesman, marketing and printing expert as well as president of a few companies with Polish or foreign capital.MEDIEN SERVICE offers years of experience in organising specialist card conferences and trainings, building and operation of card systems, production and personalisation of cards, additional printing services (e.g. printing and mailing of specialist tamper evident forms), preparing and searching for partners for joint enterprises.

During his long activity, the owner of MEDIEN SERVICE has gathered specialist knowledge and many contacts both in Poland and abroad to card producers and producers of specialist hardware and software for their operation.

Since 2002 MEDIEN SERVICE has organised KARTA Conference, turned into International Conference Central European Electronic Card Warsaw (conkarta.pl) in 2008 and since 2006 series of conferences “Polish Cards and Systems” („Polskie Karty i Systemy” (polskiekarty.info.pl) as well as is a founding member of Banking Technology Forum of the Polish Banking Association. Sławomir Cieśliński is the member of Polish Information Processing Society also.

I am looking forward to working with you!
Sławomir J. Cieśliński